California May Pay A Family Member As A Caregiver

Are you 65 years of age or more, disabled, or blind — and want to remain in your own home or family member’s home rather than move to a care facility?

Do you have a loved one that is 65 years or older, disabled, or blind — or a disabled child — that you’d like to take care of at home, but are finding it difficult due to finances?

Did you know…

California may pay a family member as a caregiver!

Yes, California residents can be paid, by our government, to look after a loved one!

The State of California now helps Californians to take care of sick or dying loved ones! The program is called In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS). Here’s the official California Government page.

There are requirements of course, a process to follow, papers to be filed properly, and an interview process. But first you must be enrolled in Medi-Cal.

Part of what we do is put you in a position to obtain government benefits for you and your loved ones.

Many of you, with our assistance, may be able to obtain In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) and actually get paid for this loving work.

More good news …

Starting in January 2017, the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) began allowing IHSS providers who live in the same home as the recipient to “self-certify.”

This makes the income from IHSS both Federal and State income tax-free!

Once you provide this form it’s good for as long as you are living with the IHSS recipient. And you can actually live with more than one recipient.

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