How a Private Professional Fiduciary Can Help Today

Congratulations!With pride and appreciation, we are happy to announce that one of our staff for the past 20 years has recently gained a California state license as a Private Professional Fiduciary (PPF).  Congratulations, Condra Griffin!

This license requires extensive training experience, testing, ability to be bonded, integrity and compassion. A PPF can be an executor in probate, a conservator, an agent under a power of attorney, a trustee or successor trustee, or any officer position requiring the utmost trust.

We encouraged Condra to pursue this achievement because there can come a time when all of one’s nominated successor agents, executors, and trustees become unavailable. When this has happened in the past to our clients, a costly and time-consuming and public court probate proceeding to designate a new agent, trustee or executor was required. This can be solved by designating any California private professional fiduciary appointed by a trust protector or any licensed California attorney in your estate planning documents.

For any of our clients/prior clients who are currently on our maintenance program, we will be happy to amend your documents without cost to include Condra as your back-up/safety net PPF designee.

If you are not currently on our maintenance program but would like to renew participation in it; we offer you a trust maintenance inventory review, an in-person consultation, and any or all of the minor revision/amendments described above which we are offering for free to our current maintenance clients.  No matter how long you have been without our maintenance program, you can re-enter the program for an initial fee of $990 if you have revocable trust package or $1780 if you have the protective trust package.

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We can also discuss for free anytime the benefits you would gain by upgrading a revocable living trust to our protective trust. Contact the experienced Los Angeles Estate Planning attorney at LA Elder Law by calling 310-823-3943 to schedule an appointment.