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unidentified pills

What would you do if you step in as a care-taker and find the previous care-taker or the person you’re caring for has put weeks worth of pills into a day-by-day pill container and you’d like to know what the pills are?

What if a pharmacy bottle’s label is worn off or got wet and can’t be read?

What if someone changes bottles to save shelf space?

What if you are your own care-taker and can’t remember which pill is which. Our friend found out first-hand that it’s sometimes hard to be sure. It wasn’t a problem when she had the bottles handy, but when she put some into bags to go away for a while she could no longer be certain. (Now she puts labels *inside* the pill bags as an extra precaution.)

Believe it or not, there’s a Pill Identifier online to help you identify pills!

In fact, there are several.

We can’t tell you whether they use the same database and we can’t promise their accuracy, but we thought you should know because perhaps they can help you.  Some present the information differently so check them out and bookmark your favorite(s).

Each will open in its own new tab or window (depending on your browser preference).

Pill Identifier at AARP

Pill Identifier at Drugs.com

Pill Identifier at WebMD

Pill Identifier at RxList

Pill Identifier at Reference Medscape

Pill Identifier at CVS

There are likely more but this is what we have found so far.