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Estate Planning is a necessity for unmarried couples

If you have a partner but aren’t married and want some or all of your belongings to go to them, it’s important that you have an estate plan. California laws do provide for your spouse should you pass away without a will or a trust. This is not the case if you’re not married. There are other considerations as well. For example, should you become incapacitated, you may want this person to make health-related decisions for you, pay your bills or make your financial decisions. The way to do this is to sign a DPA (Durable Power of Attorney) before anything happens to you. This will allow your partner to make decisions for you, should the need arise. You can specify which responsibilities and types of decisions you do and do not want wish for your partner to take on. Regarding your belongings: if you own a home or have savings, your best bet may be to establish a trust. If not, a simple will may suffice. In any case, we do provide a free consultation. Please call our office at (310) 823-3943 to schedule a time for us to meet.

Estate planning is a necessity for unmarried couples

Getting Started With Your Estate Planning

You’re either visiting our site because you know estate planning is the right thing to do or you’ll see why it’s important as you read our pages. But it’s one thing to know you need this and it’s another to actually get your Estate Plan in order. Estate Planning can feel overwhelming.

This is understandable, but we’re here to help. Meeting with us and speaking with us will take the edge off. It will help you to know what is best for you to do and will help you get started. If you choose to work with us, we’ll be with you every step of the way to determine your needs and work them out the best way for your situation. You don’t need to plan anything at all to come meet us. You certainly don’t need to stress.

But… for those of you who feel more comfortable planning ahead, here are some steps you can take to get started.

Write down your goals.

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